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" Our autistic child is now an adult. As a young teen, he was horribly isolated in our home, and he most often did not sleep at night. Hope House provided an instant community for him. We were moved to tears the first time we saw our child peacefully getting ready to sleep in his bed at Hope House. There was a wonderful, socially-modeled evening routine that supported our child in making his own choice to wind down and sleep. The beautifully trained direct care staff worked seamlessly together to support the residents, teach independent living skills, create a community for them at home and integrate the residents into the surrounding community. As he has become an adult our son has continued in one of the adult homes operated by Hope House, Inc., to be supported by caring staff who learn to communicate with him. He continues to be helped to overcome many obstacles. It moved mom to tears again to watch him get up and dance with joy at the latest Hope House holiday party, something he has done with his peers regularly in the community".     Parent

"Our son Raymond was born in 1982, with multiple significant developmental challenges and the doctors told us he might not survive leaving the hospital, but they encouraged us to take him home and love him while we could.

     Three years later, they upgraded his foreseeable lifespan to 10 years or so, but Raymond's self-abusive behavior and other issues were becoming just too much for us to handle on our own.

    Through a good friend and neighbor, the Lord led us to Hope House, where Raymond was admitted as their youngest-ever residential client to experience and learn life skills, behavior coping strategies and situation-appropriate special education and occupational therapy.

    For the past 33 years he has flourished and grown while living within the Hope House organization of very experienced and caring people, and professionally staffed residential homes.  As a result, it's clear that Raymond's life potential is now virtually limitless.

    We thank God every day for Hope House and the work of its tireless and endlessly positive administrators and staff, who every day help Raymond and his fellow developmentally challenged clients to achieve their highest possible life potential and their place in society." Ray and Rita Jackson

"Hope House opened their doors for Rosie, and I believe that the positive changes in her behavior are due in large part, to the excellent care that your staff is providing to my daughter."  Hope House Parent

You all do the most important work for the most deserving people".                                         Eugenia Ynclan, Jacquelin's mom

“Every time I see my son he seems to be more mature and more independent.  He is functioning at a level I really never thought possible. My son has thrived since moving to Hope House. Letting my child live outside my home was probably one of the hardest choices of my life.  At home, Connor was not getting the quality of life he deserved and I was constantly worried if he was going to hurt himself….besides Connor’s aggressive and self-abusive behaviors he also has a number of medical issues, one of which was not diagnosed until he was able to see the proper doctors at Hope House….he is doing well now.  Our visits are calm and my son seems more comfortable in his skin than ever before…it’s as if he finally fit in!”    Jessica, Connor's mom

"The kind, well-trained and patient staff at Hope House (Cedar) works every day to help my son develop the skills to participate in the community." Cedar House Parent

“My brother, Raymond, was first cared for at Hope House.  He now lives in Schmidt House (which is part of Hope House).  I want to take care of the organization that takes care of him.”  Julie

"I feel that I can always trust Hope House to do the best for Gregory and his needs. He has been a resident for over 20 years and I know that he really is comfortable with where he is, and with the people who care for him." 
Pamela Winston, Gregory's mom

"They truly take the time with each child…they plan fun activities for all the children, no matter their age and developmental disability at Hope House and in the community…even on their days off.”  Parent

"We feel so blessed to have Douglas at Hope House (Ranchito).  We are getting too old to make the trip often, but when we have visited we have been impressed by the cleanliness of the surroundings, the personalization of his care and the serene atmosphere.  I'm sure at times it can be chaotic but we have dropped in unannounced several times and found it a happy place.  Thanks to your caring and capable staff."       Dorrie Keith, Douglas' mom

We Build Opportunities 
for Discovery, Choice and Self-Determination
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