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        Hope House helps 15 children with developmental disabilities, mental health needs and behavior challenges.
        Halifax and Redstone Homes each help four children with autism, and mental health issues.

        Holiday and Park Homes each help three children dually diagnosed with developmental and mental health disorders.

         MaryJo House helps four children with intellectual disabilities who lack hazard awareness and impulse control.

          Wyland, Fairgreen and Mildred Homes each help four adults with severe intellectual disabilities and co-occurring mental health needs.

        Ranchito, Cedar and Schmidt Homes each help six adults with developmental disabilities complicated by epilepsy, blindness, autism, schizophrenia and physical disabilities with significant health care needs.

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Hope House for the Multiple-Handicapped, Inc.     4215 N. Peck Rd .     El Monte, CA  91732   ∙   MAP      626-443-1313

Contact:  vmastro@hopehouse.org

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Building opportunities for children and adults with co-occurring autism, intellectual disabilities and mental health needs.

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