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The Hope House Team is truly dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities. This is not a passive commitment but one that requires a daily adherence to our values and the belief that every person learns every minute, every day.  We engage and connect with our residents continuously to provide a safe and nurturing living environment in which to grow and develop.

     Hope House is in need of confident and driven individuals that are looking for such an atmosphere. At Hope House we work 24/7 to support our staff, as well as the residents, to achieve the highest level of service.  We offer flexible scheduling, intensive training, advancement opportunities and competitive pay!

     To apply for any of our open positions please follow the link to the right to get started.

     Be sure to check out the FAQs before submitting an application! 

Matthew, william and connor

**If you are NOT applying for a Direct Care Staff position, please contact HR for shift schedules.  Click HERE to contact HR or call 626-747-9302.

“All clients leave an imprint, especially when you see the progress they make in our programs. Seeing how different their lives are, both physically and emotionally, and knowing that you, along with the other members of the team, helped the client get there. It’s a memory that will last forever.” - Juan, Direct Care Staff since 2010


We value feedback!

Did you interview with us? Did you accept an offer to work with us?  If so, let us know how we are doing! 

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